What We Offer

According to Internet search results, there are over 100,000 IT Services companies in the U.S. alone.  A lot of these IT Services companies attempt to be all tings to all customers, which just doesn't scale well and leads to bloated management structure, reduced responsiveness, higher costs and lower customer satisfaction. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have very specialized services companies with Point Solutions.  So where does that leave you in figuring who to go to and how to deal with managing multiple vendors?  That's where we come in.  We always look for new ways to aggregate services, products and partners that specialize, in order to provide customers with offerings and capabilities of large IT Services companies, but with the agility, flexibility, cost structure and better customer interaction and satisfaction.  We continually work to build and optimize a consortium of consulting members, services partners, independent contractors and strategic vendors, allowing us to scale upward and outward, on-demand, with coverage across the US.

What do we offer? What we offer is our expertise & guidance, to assist organizations in tackling the continual challenges of information security and information management, regardless of technology.  What we offer is strategic thinking and planning, in developing an overall information strategy that aligns with organizational goals and drives value.  What we offer is a suite of cloud-based services providing layered protection for an organizations accounts, devices and information.

Professional Services

  • Active Directory Vulnerability & Cyberattack Assessment
  • Exposure Assessment - FREE
  • Office 365 Security Assessment
  • Microsoft/Office 365 Migration
    • SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Teams
  • Microsoft Active Directory Upgrade/Migration
  • Mobile Device/End-Point Management
  • Customization & Development
    • SharePoint, PowerApps & Flow
  • CISO Professional Services
  • CIO Professional Services
  • Program/Project Management

Managed & Cloud-Based Services

CYA|Suite™ Multilayered Security
  • Attack Simulation & Phishing Awareness Training
  • Automated Phishing Response & Advanced Threat Protection
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Content Filtering & Threat Protection
  • Credential Breach Monitoring & Management
  • Endpoint Security & Mobile Device Management
  • Password Security Management
  • Manage Detection and Response & Vulnerability Management


  • Business Collaboration/Productivity
  • Platform & Infrastructure
  • Backup as a Service
  • Security Operations Center as a Service