CYA|Password Vault™ provides secure, reliable and scalable cloud-based password management for organizations of all sizes, for a lot less than you think.

Depending on which studies you read, the average business user has anywhere from 6.5 - 8.5 passwords to remember for access to business applications and at least 15 passwords for personal use.  Anyway you look at it, that's lot of passwords to remember for most people. So to simplify it, there is a lot of password reuse across applications, sites and services...and that can be an issue when an account gets compromised.  CYA|Password Vault™ is an ideal way to store and access passwords, maintaining password complexity and uniqueness, without trying to keep all those locked away in someone's head or worse stored in an unsecured text file or on a sticky note.

How most people keep track of passwords

Piece of paper
Save them in a note/text file

Centralized and Secure

CYA|Password Vault™ provides a centralized Company Password Vault and Personal Vaults for all licensed users, secured with industry-standard encryption.

Logging and Reporting
With system activity logging and data reporting, you have the capability to run internal audits and reports at anytime.

Ease of Use
CYA|Password Vault™ provides 1-click access to saved websites and mobile access to the portal to manage passwords.

Access Control
You have the ability to create and manage users, custom security groups and control password sharing.

Infinite Scalability
With CYA|Password Vault™ you can have unlimited users (service is priced user/month) with unlimited passwords. One service scalable to any size organization.

Simple Pricing

CYA|Password Vault™ offers month to month service with no long-term commitments and no "Business vs Enterprise" editions to figure out, allowing for simple and predictable pricing.

Protecting the Keys to the Kingdom with CYA|Password Vault™.

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