The Information Strategists, LLC

Headquartered in Louisville, KY,  we are an information management consultancy that continually works to build and optimize a consortium of consulting members, services partners, independent contractors and strategic vendors, allowing us to scale upward and outward, on-demand, with coverage across the US.

At The Information Strategists, our goal is to assist organizations in developing strategies to protect and manage information, regardless of where and on what technology it resides. We want organizations to get the most value from their information assets.

An underlying part of our strategy is to assist small and medium enterprises in adopting cloud-based services, when it makes business sense, to reduce the cyclical costs of acquiring, deploying, maintaining, managing, upgrading and securing those services/applications on-premises, thus allowing them to focus on their business and not on supporting technology.

After all, it’s not the technology, it’s the information that drives an organization.